Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)


The ICDS Services is India’s response to the challenge of meeting the holistic need of the child. The ICDS is one of the world’s largest and most unique outreach programme for early childhood care and development. It symbolizes India’s commitment to its children. The first ICDS project was launched in India with 33 Project in all over the country on 2nd October 1975 and ICDS project Jama Masjid was the milestone project for the state of Delhi.

Objectives of I.C.D.S.

  • Improve the nutritional and health status of children below the age of six years.
  • Lay the foundation for the proper psychological, physical and social.
  • Reduce the incidence of mortality, morbidity malnutrition and school dropouts.
  • Achieve effective coordinates of policy and implementation among various departments to promote child development.
  • Enhance the capability of the mother to look after the normal health and nutritional needs of child, through proper health and nutrition education.

Services of I.C.D.S.

  • Health Check-ups.
  • Immunisation.
  • Growth Promotion and Supplementary Feeding.
  • Referral Services.
  • Early Childhood Care and Pre-school Education.
  • Nutrition and Health Education.

Cooked Items Distributed under SNP in ICDS Projects through Eight NGOs

The cooked items are being distributed to ICDS beneficiaries with the cost value of Rs. 2 /per beneficiaries per day .

Supplementary nutrition Program in ICDS

  • The Department has taken initiative in compliance of the Supreme Court direction for removal of contract system in the ICDS Project and promotion and introduction of cooked SNP items through NGOs and women self help groups.
  • The Department has selected eight NGOs for preparation and distribution of SNP items in the Anganwadi centres w.e.f. 01.07.2006.
  • The SNP distribution system are being distributing effectively implemented. Women self help groups are being involved.


  • Department has removed contract procurement system of SNP RTE(Ready To Eat)and started cooked food item through NGOs.
  • The state of Delhi has received sanction of 546 AWCs (05 projects) from Government of India during the year 2005-06 and same has been operationalised.
  • The GOI has accorded one project with 60 AWCs for Madanpur Khadir project and same is being run by NGO through Delhi Social Welfare Board.
  • Total 418 AWCs are being run by NGOs out of 4428 AWCs.
  • The GOI has accorded sanction of 16 new projects under universeliation of ICDS to the State of Delhi in the year 2006-07.
  • The GOI also sanction 05 District cells for effective monitoring and implementation of ICDS projects in current financial year.

Present Status

  • The Delhi State has already introduced the new system of distribution of hot cooked food & weaning food through Self Help Groups/Mahila Mandals by involvement of NPOs as facilitators under SNP component.
  • A Pvt. reputed organization i.e, Sri Ram Institute for Industrial Research was engaged for lifting samples by their representative along with the Flying Squad of the Department constituted for the purpose and for lab analysis of the same. Further, Vehicles are being hired to enhance the mobility of the Project Officers so as to facilitate and strengthen the monitoring & Supervision of ICDS.

Budget Allocation & Expenditure 

List of Projects and Aanganwadi Centres

List of New ICDS Projects